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Bike control & checklist

Equipment checklist

  • Spare inner tube with the right valve
  • Possibly repair kit instead of spare inner tube
  • Pump – check if the pump fits with the inner-tube valve, otherwise adaptor piece is also necessary
  • Lock or cable and key for securing against theft
  • Helmet – OBLIGATORY WITH GUIDED BIKE TOURS – check that the helmet fits properly
  • Sunglasses to protect against UV rays, insects, dust and stones
  • Mobile phone for emergencies – PLEASE NOTE! In the mountains, there is very often no reception or only poor reception.
  • Drinking bottle or hydration pack
  • Clothing made of breathable materials, preferably close-fitting, front with windstopper function – protect kidneys!
  • Padded cycling shorts
  • Spare underwear
  • Gloves against cold, sweating and calluses
  • Wind and rain protection, if possible in a reflective light colour, also provides protection from the headwind during descent
  • Shoes with a good profile and rigid soles, this saves you a lot of strength when pedalling
  • Use sun cream – high sun protection factor for mountains
  • Documents for cross-border tours
  • Camera/film to capture the bike experiences for home
  • Money for any transport costs (cable car, bus, train…), stop in the restaurant, snacks, etc.

Tips for bike control before starting

To avoid unpleasant surprises during the tour, our Bike Guides recommend you do the following before the tour:
  • Check the rims: does the wheel rotate smoothly – if necessary centre the wheel yourself with a spoke key or have it centred by a specialist
  • Check spokes – no loose spokes
  • Check the tyre profile and ensure that there is no visible damage to the tyre
  • Check tyre pressure – ideal for mountain bikes 1.8 - 2.5 bar (depending on tyre and weight)
  • Adjust brakes well (lever travel)
  • Check the brake pad lining to check if enough is still there
  • Check brake discs (wear or lateral run-out)
  • Check the frame for any cracks or damage
  • Check the bottom bracket, pedal bearing or steering bearing – do you have any play?
  • Adjust the saddle to the correct height
  • Tighten the handlebars properly
  • Set the click pedal release properly
  • Clean the chain well and oil
  • Check change and switching (also under load) and adjust if necessary, check change protection
  • Set and check damper for rider weight (functionality)

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