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008 Tour Renon - Val Isarco

Quick Overview

Distance 95 km
Elevation gain 1.500 m
Elevation gain 1.500 m
Duration 4:45 h

1 = very easy (max. 200 hm)
2 = easy (max. 400 hm)
3 = medium (max. 800 hm
4 = difficult (max. 1200 hm)
5 = very difficult (über 1200 hm)

Tour months

April, May, June, July, August, September, October


Helmet, cycling shoes, cycling clothing, gloves, glasses

Course: Terlano (248 m) - Bolzano (266 m) - Rentsch (302 m) - Auna di Sotto (900 m) - Collalbo (1154 m) - Longomoso (1170 m) - Saubach (800 m) - Barbiano (830 m) - Vilandro (880 m) - Chiusa (525 m) - Bolzano (266 m) - Terlano (248 m)

This excursion starts in Terlano. Take your car and head towards Merano, take the MEBO freeway and exit at Terlano (the journey takes about 30 minutes). In the center of Terlano you will find a parking area. From there we take the old state road that leads to Bolzano. Just before Bolzano, we turn left and pass through S. Maurizio and Gries (Bolzano district) to reach the center of Bolzano. From there, we ride towards the train station (signposted) and continue uphill towards Rencio passing by the Rentscherhof restaurant. We continue to the intersection at the Renon road and turn left towards Collalbo. In Collalbo, we continue towards Longomoso (signposted), San Ingenuino and Barbiano. A narrow road leads to Barbiano. Near the church, we keep left and follow the signs towards Villandro. We pass through the center and then continue downhill to Chiusa. From there, we can continue along the state road of the Isarco valley or along the paved cycle path that runs alongside the state road towards Bolzano. We pass by Ponte Gardena, Campodazzo and Prato all'Isarco until we reach Bolzano, where we continue in the direction of the train station. From there we return to Terlano the same route we came.

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