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005 To the lake of Monticolo

Quick Overview

Distance 103.4 km
Elevation gain 800 m
Elevation gain 800 m
Duration 4:00 h

1 = very easy (max. 200 hm)
2 = easy (max. 400 hm)
3 = medium (max. 800 hm
4 = difficult (max. 1200 hm)
5 = very difficult (über 1200 hm)

Tour months

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November


Helmet, cycling shoes, cycling clothing, gloves, glasses

Course: Naturno (554 m) - Marlengo (363 m) - Lana (313 m) - Pista ciclabile delle mele - "Unterrain" (272 m) - S. Paolo (394 m) - Lago di Monticolo (500 m) - Cirlano (434 m) - Frangarto (244 m) - Pista ciclabile dell'Adige - Merano (324 m) - Naturno (554 m)

From the town center of Naturno, we take Via Stazione / Bahnhofstraße which leads us to a bridge, the starting point of the cycle path on the Lungoadige / Etschdamm. We turn left onto the cycle path towards Merano. We pass through the villages Plaus and Rablà until we reach Tel. We cross the state road and take the new cycle path to Lagundo which takes us downhill to the town's open air swimming pool. We cross the wooden bridge and continue to the next intersection, where we turn left to get to the Forst brewery. Near the brewery, we cross the state road and take the climb that leads to Marlengo. Via a hilly section, we finally arrive in Marlengo. We pass through the town and descend to Cermes and then Lana (signposted). In Lana we cross two roundabouts and arrive at an intersection, where the road turns sharply to the left. We continue straight ahead on a short stretch of cobblestone path towards Lana di Sotto. We pass by the church of Lana di Sotto (where the altar of Schnatterpek is located) and ride through the apple orchards towards Bolzano. We reach a roundabout near a gas station, which we cross to get to the next intersection. Riding downhill, we pass by a sawmill and then continue along the road keeping to the left. We ride through an underpass and arrive at a snack bar. We continue along the Wine Route until we get to a crossroads, where we turn right to S. Paolo. After a short climb, we arrive at S. Paolo. We pass through the town and continue to ride in the direction of Appiano. Arrived at the center of Appiano, we get to a roundabout where we follow the signs to Laghi di Monticolo. After a short climb, the road leads into a descent to Lake Monticolo (where you have the possibility to purchase refreshments). For the return journey, we follow the same road we had come from back to the roundabout, where we now turn towards Cornaiano. We pass through the town and continue downhill towards Frangarto. Once in Frangarto we come to a railway crossing, from where we can access the cycle path that takes us back to Lana. In Lana we continue towards Merano. Once in Merano, we pass through the center and continue towards Lagundo. At the junctions we follow the signs that take us back to the cycle path and the climb to Tel. In Tel, we cross the state road and return on the cycle path back to Naturno.

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