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051 Tour to the Castle of Juval

Quick Overview

Distance 13 km
Elevation gain 400 m
Elevation gain 400 m
Duration 1:30 h

1 = very easy (max. 200 hm)
2 = easy (max. 400 hm)
3 = medium (max. 800 hm
4 = difficult (max. 1200 hm)
5 = very difficult (über 1200 hm)

Driving technique (S0 - S5)

The rating of the driving technique is based on the values ​​of singletrail-skala.de.

S0 = S0 describes a single trail that has no special difficulties. These are mostly liquid forest and meadow paths on grippy natural soils or gravel solidified. Stages, rock or root sections are not expected. The slope of the path is light to moderate, the curves are extensive.
S1 = a S1 described way you have to even minor obstacles such as shallow roots and small stones to expect. Very often the odd gulley erosion damage and cause of the increased difficulty of the ground can not be partially solidified. The gradient is a maximum of 40%. Hairpin bends are not expected.
S2 = expect the S grade S2 have to with larger roots and stones. The soil is often not solidified. Steps and shallow steps are expected. Often sharp bends occur, the slope is passages, up to 70%.
S3 = Splinted single trails with many large rocks and / or root sections belonging to the S-level S3. High levels switchbacks and brain-lateral gradients often occur, relaxed roll sections are rare. Frequently is also expected to slippery surfaces and loose rocks, slopes above 70% are not uncommon.
S4 = S 4 describes very steep and strong interlocked single trails with large boulders and / or demanding root passages therebetween often loose debris. Extreme steep ramps, narrow switchbacks and steps in which the chainring touches inevitably come in 4th grade common.

Tour months

March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November


Helmet, gloves, good shoes, glasses as well as bike clothing and drinking bottle!

Course: Naturno – Castle of Juval – Naturno

This tour will bring us to the summer residence of mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner. We take the cycle path towards Val Venosta and just before the refreshment "Radbar" we turn right and cross the bridge. We turn right again, cross the main road and take the narrow street towards Juval. A short but steep uphill is in front of us, which leads us past the wonderful vine grapes of the farm "Unterortl". Arrived at the Castle, which belongs to Reinhold Messner since 1983, we can visit one of his six museum where we will find everything concerning the mountains and his expeditions all around the world. In July and August you maybe will be able to find himself in his castle. You will also find a small zoo near the castle and the restaurant "Schlosswirt" will offer you some self made products. To return back to Naturno we take the same road.

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